The Top 25 archive

The Cortland Red Dragon has appeared in every Top 25 poll.
photo by Steve Frommell,

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Who has been ranked the most? Has an unranked team ever won the national title? Has my team ever been in the D3 Top 25? All of these questions, they now have one easy place where the answers can be found.

Since the final World Series game in 2010 has been publishing the Top 25 poll. Since that final game was played in 2010 there have been 99 different Top 25 polls that have produced by the D3 Baseball poll voters. During that time span, 115 different schools have been published as a Top 25 school and another 98 teams have received votes to be in the Top 25 poll. Just a short while ago collected an archive of every poll that could be accessed in one single location and followed their lead.

Fear the Red Dragons

I think it is safe to call Cortland a dynasty and they don’t even need the rankings to prove that. They are the only team in D-III that has been ranked in every single poll ever published. That’s right they been ranked in 99 straight polls. During that time, the Red Dragons have won 317 games, five regional titles and one national title. Adding to these accomplishments, the Red Dragons have spent the most weeks at #1 (18) and received the most 1st place votes (449) of any team in D III.  Looking further into the history of the Top 25, Cortland has been ranked in the top three for 40 weeks, the top 5 for 58 weeks, the top 10 for 81 weeks and the top 15 for 88 weeks.

Streaks Still Alive

Cortland could be the first team ever to enter into the century mark for rankings, but they aren’t the only team with a long streak in the D-III rankings. The UW-Whitewater Warhawks has been ranked for 71 consecutive weeks, Birmingham Southern has been ranked for 55 consecutive weeks and Shenandoah has been ranked for 52 consecutive weeks. Also, worth noting UW-Whitewater and Shenandoah are the only schools to join Cortland in being ranked for over 90 weeks. When the Warhawks and Hornets dropped our of the Top 25, they continued to receive votes and have appeared on every single D3 Baseball Top 25 poll by either being ranked or receiving votes.

You can access every single poll in various tabs, in one single tab and see data such as how many weeks has UW- Stevens Point been ranked?

The Top 25 Archive

The archive is in an excel spreadsheet format that will be updated as we all come up with new published polls are rolled out. Currently the teams are put in alphabetical order, but you can filter and sort the data as you like, as only you can can view the changes you make.

Taking a further look, only six teams have appeared in 75% of the D3 Baseball Top 25 and they are:

  1. Cortland (99 weeks)
  2. UW-Whitewater (94 weeks)
  3. Shenandoah (90 weeks)
  4. Trinity (Texas) (87 weeks)
  5. Salisbury (84 weeks)
  6. Kean (78 Weeks)


 Staying Power

Since the Top 25 poll was released in 2010, only one team began the season as #1 and finished the season as the #1 and that team was the 2012 Marietta Pioneers. The Pioneers did not go wire-to-wire as Trinity (Texas) was the top ranked team from weeks 4-6. Cortland and Linfield holds the most consecutive weeks ranked No. 1 in a season.

 The Cal Lutheran Kingsmen were unranked at the begining of the 2017 season but won a National Championship and a No.1 ranking.
photo by Steve Frommell,

Linfield and Cortland share the record for consecutive weeks as #1 at 10. The Wildcats streak of 10 weeks at No. 1 was part of a twenty week stretch where they were the top ranked spot for 17 of those weeks, appearing at No. 2 the weeks they dropped out of the #1 position.

The same 2013 Linfield team who started their #1 rank streak also, is one of two teams to start the season not in the Top 25 and win the National Title. The other team to achieve this was Cal Lutheran in 2017, who was not even in the Top 25 going in 2017’s week 12 poll, the only such team to achieve this. Previously the lowest ranked team in week 12 to win the National Title was UW-Whitewater in 2014 who was ranked #3.

Conference Glory

One conference stands alone as being the only conference in D III to have every single team receive a vote or be ranked in the Top 25. Six teams in this conference have been ranked and two of the teams have been ranked as the #1 team in D-III, a feat that only two other conference can claim. The only conference to achieve all of this is the NJAC.

That being said the conference who has had the most teams ranked is the OAC where Baldwin Wallace, Heidelberg,  John Carroll, Marietta, Mount Union, Ohio Northern, and Otterbein have all made it into the top 25.